China Rule of Law Project

This site and its content is the product of a dedicated partnership between Beijing’s Tsinghua University, particularly the Tsinghua Law School, and the University of Toronto, specifically the Munk School of Global Affairs.

This site is completely bilingual – English and Chinese – and is designed to examine select areas of China’s laws, regulations, administrative directives and practices (LRADs). While the site includes a variety of general corporate, commercial and administrative laws, its principal purpose is to thoroughly examine specific areas of law where there may not have been a complete exposure. Accordingly, most of the content on this site is targeted specifically to less-exposed areas of Chinese law. General information on Chinese law can be found at, run by Peking University; the Chinese supreme court’s database of legal principles and procedure law; and the database of treaties, laws, and bilateral agreements maintained by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In consonance with this mandate, the first project undertaken by the Tsinghua-Munk School team (T-M) is the publication of all of China’s Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs). With the cooperation and assistance of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the T-M dedicated itself to compiling all of China’s BITs. By selecting China Trade and Investment Cases on the menu above, you can find all of the Treaties signed and/or ratified by the Government of China, in both Chinese and English. We are grateful to the Ministry of Commerce, and especially its officials Director Wen Xiantao (温先涛) and Counsellor Liu Keyi (刘克毅), for their help in identifying all of the Treaties for the T-M team.

The Tsinghua-Munk School team is currently planning several new projects, which will be published on this site. In the meantime, we invite you to explore our content and to inform us if there are specific areas of Chinese laws that need to be gathered and published by this Project.

June 1, 2011