Jake Sullivan on Democratic Foreign Policy and the US-China Rivalry

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff


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Jake Sullivan was the youngest head of Policy Planning in the State Department under the Obama Administration. During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections, Jake was Hillary Clinton’s policy advisor. Currently Jake is the Montgomery Fellow at Dartmouth College, a senior fellow and Master in Public Policy faculty member at the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire and a non-resident senior fellow in Carnegie’s Geoeconomics and Strategy Program. In addition, Jake is the co-chair, along with Ben Rhodes of the National Security Action an organization of former senior officials and policy experts, academics and civil servants dedicated to advancing American global leadership and opposing the reckless policies of the Trump Administration.

It is with pleasure that we welcome Jake back to the Global Summitry podcast (Listen to Jake at Episode 14 of ‘Shaking the Global Order: American Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump’). As listeners will know, GS has been concerned to understand what U.S. foreign policy should be with China in what appears to be a growing U.S.-China rivalry. There is probably no more critical policy issue for United States foreign policy than getting the relationship with China right. Jake has written a number of articles outlining what he sees as the direction of U.S.-China policy. Let’s join Jake in this discussion of U.S.-China foreign policy.

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