Nick Bisley on Australia’s Take on Trump

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff


In this interview with Nick Bisley an international relations expert from La Trobe University in Melbourne, we examine the reactions from ‘down under’ to Trump foreign policy. Australia is one of America’s key allies in the Liberal Order in Asia. The early ‘rocky start’ to Australia - Trump foreign policy’ relations raises many of the key issues in US foreign policy in the Age of Trump. Where does Trump’s ‘America First’ approach stand today and how do Australia’s leaders react to it? If the US in the Age of Trump is no longer willing automatically to step up to global leadership, what stance will Australia take in the future. In particular, how does Australia balance its relations with China and the United Sates in global and regional trade and security matters?

Nick is the Executive Director of La Trobe Asia at La Trobe University and is also Editor-in-Chief of the venerable Journal, the Australian Journal of International Affairs as well as the director of the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

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