Stewart Patrick on Trump’s ‘America First’ Foreign Policy

Hosted by Alan Alexandroff


This podcast with Stewart Patrick was done while Stewart was visiting us here at the Munk School of Global Affairs to talk to about his new book, Sovereignty Wars: Reconciling America with the World. In the ‘plush’ podcast studio, Stewart and I sat down to explore what the book tells us about American foreign policy and the impact of Donald Trump on American international behavior. In addition, we explore with Stewart the consequences of a Trump ‘America First’ foreign policy for America’s role in the eight summits that are scheduled for this coming year. Are we likely to see the kind of hectoring that Donald Trump exhibited in the NATO Summit last year? Or, will President Trump exhibit more collaborative behavior? We explore whether the United States is likely to remain the ‘odd man out’ in the two major Informal summits - the G7 taking place in Canada, hosted by Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau in the spring, and the G20 that will gather in Buenos Aires in the late fall hosted by Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina. What impact is President Trump likely to have on global governance and the liberal international order that the United States has led through the decades since World War II.

Stewart is the James H Binger Senior Fellow in Global Governance at the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington. Stewart is also the director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program at CFR and Stewart writes the blog “The Internationalist” at the CFR website.

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